Bikram Hot Yoga in Seattle, WA

Who We Are

History:  Bikram Yoga West Seattle is proud of its rich history as one of the oldest Bikram studios in Seattle. Converted from a Seed n’ Feed in 2001, our studio has had a tradition of being passed down from teacher to student. In 2018, the studio passed hands into the fourth generation of ownership.

Methodology:  Independently owned, we subscribe to the methodology of Bikram-style Hatha Yoga because of the scientifically proven health benefits delivered through sequence, principles, and practice.

All of the certified teachers at Bikram Yoga West Seattle are devoted to sharing their knowledge and training that are rooted in years of practice with dedication and compassion.

Current Events:  In the wake of the new Netflix documentary on Bikram, we have been asked specific questions regarding our name and our practice. We continue to use the name Bikram Yoga to identify the type of hot yoga we practice, due to many other versions out there.  We are waiting to rebrand once we move our studio in the near future, as it is not financially feasible to do it now.  We honor the lineage that this style of yoga comes from, the Ghosh lineage from Bengali, northern India, and this is reflected in our style of teaching. We do NOT pay kickbacks to Bikram, nor do we support his actions.  Please view our thoughts on this via our Instagram and Facebook page.


Studio:  Conveniently located in the heart of the West Seattle Junction, our studio is spacious, well-lit and mirror-lined with rubber flooring and high ceilings.

Parking:  3 hours of free public parking located conveniently behind the studio.

Cleanliness:  Committed to cleanliness and health, the studio is cleaned and sanitized every night.

Facilities:  Showers are located in both the men and women’s changing rooms with cubbies to store your personal belongings. Free filtered water available for refills.

Rentals:  For your convenience, yoga mat and towel rentals are available in the front lobby.  Additionally, drinks, nutritional supplements, and merchandise are available for purchase.

“Bikram Yoga has given me a profound connection between my mind and body not achieved by other forms of exercise.”   -Marena H.


Our Practice

What is Bikram Method Hatha Yoga?

A sequence of 26 Hatha Yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises (26 & 2) in a heated room.

Designed to work the entire body using heat to stretch deeper, prevent injury, and flush unwanted toxins.

Suitable for all levels regardless of flexibility, injury, and age.


Traditional yoga method developed in Calcutta, India in the 1950s by Bishnu Ghosh.

Bishnu believed that physical health and human energy centers around the body’s greatest nerve mass, the spine. This is at the heart of the Bikram series.

Bikram Choudhury, who studied under Bishnu, refined the practice in the early 1970s.

Still practiced today at the Ghosh College of India, and in yoga studios around the world.


Increases spine strength and mobility.

Emphasizes stillness between and during postures to promote strength and awareness.

Therapeutic exercises that address every system in the body, including muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, nerves, and glands.

Teaches your body how to handle stress with mindful movement.

“My practice has given me almost complete relief from my chronic back pain.”   -Nikki S.



What to Expect

All body types and levels of students

Room is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity

Detailed instruction given to safely lead students in and out of postures

Two standard Bikram (26&2) formats available: 90 minute Traditional and 60 minute Express Classes

Intermediate and 84 Asanas classes offered in the same lineage to deepen your practice

Hatha Light classes:  One set of the traditional Hatha postures offered in a gently heated room for one hour

Yin Yoga, a restorative gentle practice, offered bi-monthly

Multiple workshops and community events.

What to Bring

Yoga mat

Large water bottle

1-2 towels for showering and to practice on

Clothing optimal for sweating:
For men we recommend wearing lined shorts, for women we recommend wearing shorts or leggings with a sports bra or sports tank

Mats, towels, and water bottles are available for rent/sale


Avoid large meals and hydrate prior to class

Arrive 15 minutes early and be ready to start on time

Be clean – showers available

No cologne or perfume

No shoes and cell phones in the practice room

Make sure you can see yourself in the mirror

Stay in the room during class

Respect the silence of your neighbors

Keep pace with the class, rest when needed

Wipe up any sweat from your area before you leave

“The expanded classes at BYWS has taken my practice to a whole new level.”   -Don S.



BYWS closed due to the mandated stay-at-home order but we are open online! 

Go to our Covid-19 page where you will find easy directions to make an account and get our link to our virtual classes. Please make sure you have joined our social media on IG and FB, and are getting email updates from us.  If not, you can use the contact form and request to get our online class links.

Are you ready to try an online class with us? Here’s a link to our very first online class on March 16th.

Please copy and past this link to our class that is free to the community in your browser if you cannot view the video below:

Live from Bikram Yoga West Seattle

Posted by Bikram Yoga West Seattle on Monday, March 16, 2020



For your convenience, the studio is open 30 minutes before and after every class. Please create your account ahead of time and arrive 15 minutes before class. To avoid interruptions, there are no late entries.
*Gently heated
**Every Friday in March!  Testing out a weekly schedule.

“Bikram Yoga enhances my ability to emotionally regulate and show up as the best version of myself.”   -Hazel S.


Online Classes

In light of our need to maintain social distancing we are bringing our classes to you live online!

Please visit this page often as it will be updated to fit the needs of the teachers and students.

Joining Online

  1. Make an account with Mindbody through our website. This will enable us to send you a recording of the class through email.
  2. Reserve your spot for the class you would like to attend virtually.  There is a sliding scale class fee for those in need. If you cannot pay, please just join as unpaid.
  3. Connect to our Zoom Video Conference link using the button below.  Give yourself about 15 minutes to set it up on your PC or mobile device.
  4. Join class 15 minutes before class starts.
  5. Class will be recorded and be made available to all students for free after the live session is over with an email to the link.
  6. Have questions?  Send an email through our contact form and we will send you an instruction sheet.


Currently, we wish to honor our community by giving you access to our online classes.  If you appreciate our teachers and what we are bringing to you, please donate below.

All donations will go directly to our teachers to help them continue to bring content to you! Please click the following links to donate to your classes:



“BYWS is very passionate about building a strong community in West Seattle with supportive practitioners and great instructors.”   -Harry R.



Intro Special

Unlimited for 30 days, First timers only
$45 First Month


3 month min., 14 day cancellation
$110 monthly

1 Month Unlimited

Unlimited for 30 days
$180 30 days

Re-Intro Special

Students returning after 1+ year
$65 First Month

Drop In

Drop in anytime for a single class
$23 One time

5 Class Card

Valid for 5 classes within 6 months
$90 ** Restrictions apply

10 Class Card

Card is valid for 10 classes within 1 year
$160 ** Restrictions apply

* Guest passes and discounts available with monthly membership!
** Please carefully consider your choices before purchasing.  There are no extensions, exchanges, or refunds.

“I reluctantly came to my first Bikram class 8 years ago and I’m still practicing today.”   -Ken E.



What if I have never taken a yoga class before?

All 26&2 classes are designed for beginners, and are appropriate for any level of experience. Our certified teachers will lead every class step by step with clear, detailed instructions.

Do I need to be flexible to start?

There is no need to get into shape or have a desired level of flexibility.  The goal of yoga is not to get to a desired result, rather, by consistent practice, you are doing yoga.

What makes Bikram yoga different than “hot yoga?”

Known as the original or traditional hot yoga, Bikram yoga is an elegant sequence of hatha yoga postures that emphasizes spine strength and mobility.  It is characterized by therapeutic compressions followed by stillness in postures to promote circulation and healing.

Why is this yoga heated?

The room is heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity to promote elasticity in the muscles and tissues, reduce risk of injury and increase circulation and sweating through the skin, the body’s largest elimination organ.

What if I’m very heat intolerant?

Your body learns to adapt to the heat with repeated visits.  Come hydrated, and bring an open mind. Give yourself space to build your practice, while allowing yourself to rest in between and learn to listen to your body.

What if I’m injured?

Please make sure with your doctor that you are cleared to practice. Let your instructor know of any injuries or limitations you might have.  This style of yoga is still accessible despite limitations in mobility and injury through a modified practice.

How often should I practice?

Safe for everyday, a regular practice of 3 times a week has been shown to have significant improvements on the body as a whole as it strengthens the cardiovascular systems, mobility, respiratory functions and emotional balance. We encourage you to practice as often as you can to get the full range of benefits!

“I have learned to appreciate my strong body with my Bikram Yoga practice.”   -Nikki K.



Contact Us

Bikram Yoga West Seattle
4747 California Ave SW
West Seattle, WA  98116


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“I don’t just come for the practice, I come for the community.”   -Jake S.