Who We Are

History:  Bikram Yoga West Seattle is proud of its rich history as one of the oldest Bikram studios in Seattle. Converted from a Seed n’ Feed in 2001, our studio has had a tradition of being passed down from teacher to student. In 2018, the studio passed hands into the fourth generation of ownership.

Methodology:  Independently owned, we subscribe to the methodology of Bikram-style Hatha Yoga because of the scientifically proven health benefits delivered through sequence, principles, and practice.

All of the certified teachers at Bikram Yoga West Seattle are devoted to sharing their knowledge and training that are rooted in years of practice with dedication and compassion.

Netflix Documentary:  In the wake of the new Netflix documentary on Bikram, we have been asked specific questions regarding our name and our practice. We continue to use the name Bikram Yoga to identify the type of hot yoga we practice, due to many other versions out there.  We are waiting to rebrand once we move our studio in the near future, as it is not financially feasible to do it now.  We honor the lineage that this style of yoga comes from, the Ghosh lineage from Bengali, northern India, and this is reflected in our style of teaching. We do NOT pay kickbacks to Bikram, nor do we support his actions.  Please view our thoughts on this via our Instagram and Facebook page.


Studio:  Conveniently located in the heart of the West Seattle Junction, our studio is spacious, well-lit and mirror-lined with rubber flooring and high ceilings.

Parking:  3 hours of free public parking located conveniently behind the studio.

Cleanliness:  Committed to cleanliness and health, the studio is cleaned and sanitized every night.

Facilities:  Currently, the changing rooms are not open due to COVID-19.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Free filtered water will still be available for refills.

“Bikram Yoga has given me a profound connection between my mind and body not achieved by other forms of exercise.”   -Marena H.