What if I have never taken a yoga class before?

All 26&2 classes are designed for beginners, and are appropriate for any level of experience. Our certified teachers will lead every class step by step with clear, detailed instructions.

Do I need to be flexible to start?

There is no need to get into shape or have a desired level of flexibility.  The goal of yoga is not to get to a desired result, rather, by consistent practice, you are doing yoga.

What makes Bikram yoga different than “hot yoga?”

Known as the original or traditional hot yoga, Bikram yoga is an elegant sequence of hatha yoga postures that emphasizes spine strength and mobility.  It is characterized by therapeutic compressions followed by stillness in postures to promote circulation and healing.

Why is this yoga heated?

The room is heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity to promote elasticity in the muscles and tissues, reduce risk of injury and increase circulation and sweating through the skin, the body’s largest elimination organ.

What if I’m very heat intolerant?

Your body learns to adapt to the heat with repeated visits.  Come hydrated, and bring an open mind. Give yourself space to build your practice, while allowing yourself to rest in between and learn to listen to your body.

What if I’m injured?

Please make sure with your doctor that you are cleared to practice. Let your instructor know of any injuries or limitations you might have.  This style of yoga is still accessible despite limitations in mobility and injury through a modified practice.

How often should I practice?

Safe for everyday, a regular practice of 3 times a week has been shown to have significant improvements on the body as a whole as it strengthens the cardiovascular systems, mobility, respiratory functions and emotional balance. We encourage you to practice as often as you can to get the full range of benefits!

What is your class cancellation policy?

All cancellations within 24 hours or no-shows will result in a $25 fee due to limited class spots.

Is it safe to practice in the yoga studio?

Every consideration has been made to ensure your safety by carefully screening teachers and students. We have in-studio practices to maintain hygiene in accordance with CDC guidelines and the King County Department of Health. In addition to our new sanitation protocols, our air is not only filtered through our ducts, but also purified by our new 5 point air purification system which is rated to filter out 0.1 microns.

How do I practice at home?

A home practice may be necessary and your mindset will greatly affect whether or not you can be successful at your home practice.  Create a space and environment where you can consistently practice.  Experiment with using a heater and humidifier if you would like it heated/humidified. Schedule time for yourself and block it off just like you would at the studio.  Minimize distractions as much as possible.  Sometimes this cannot be avoided, and remember, that is part of your practice. And most of all, remember to have fun.  Interacting with others online is a great way to maintain social intimacy and stay connected to your community!

“I have learned to appreciate my strong body with my Bikram Yoga practice.”   -Nikki K.